Model #192-4×6 – $144.95 (Back to Back Model)

Model #192-4×6 – $144.95 (Back to Back Model)

Model #192-4×6 is a box capable of individually storing 192 lures. The back to back design (two sided) allows you to carry a large number of crankbaits tangle free in one box. A vinyl map pocket is located on the inside cover of each side. An ideal box for guides, charter captains, and tournament fishermen that need a large selection of lures, easily accessible, in a compact storage system.

The 4″ deep high grid of the back to back box has two options.  The grid can have 96 compartments or 160 compartments.  If the 160 grid is desired an additional $10 must be added to the above 192-4×6 price.

Overall Dimensions:

Model #192-4×6 – 17.5″ L x 11″ W x 11″ H  (4″ high grid on one side and 6″ high grid on the other)

Color Available 4×6:   Forest Green